Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Ultimate Ice-Breaker

Ophelia, this all sounds so glamorous and you deserve all of it!  You have waited a long time for this opportunity so enjoy every minute.  Is this a permanent gig or temporary?

Well, things in SoCal are not so bright or so sunny.  I have a pretty big confession to make!  In attempts to spend more time networking with my superiors I have picked up a nasty habit.  I have transformed into a social smoker.  It is amazing how much conversation occurs outside the doors of a work building between the smokers of the office.  I have infiltrated the group and have been inducted into their elite group evolving our relationship to the next level.

Unfortunately for me, the little things are addictive and I now find myself wanting to smoke all the time.  Worry not, my dear friends, I am being strong and refuse to give in!

On the upside, my new filthy habit did allow me to meet a boy!  The possibilities for conversation starters are endless and the one that worked this time was the classic, "Do you have a light?" It probably won't go anywhere, but it is a nice distraction in my anticlimactic life at the moment.  Ophelia, what I wouldn't do for a day in your shoes!

Flora, how is New York City?  Freezing as ever?

xxx Rose

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