Monday, January 31, 2011

Eternally Embarrassed

I am at CDG waiting for my flight to Milano but I had to write quickly to share the most humiliating story! Our first appointment this morning was at Alaïa (swoon!) and I was running a little late.  I knew it would be a hectic day (we left straight from our Marc Jacobs appointment for my boss' hotel to grab our bags and then on to the airport) so I tried to wear a cute but comfortable outfit.  I opted for a pair of olive green pants, a comfy yet chic choice.  Well, I noticed when I got to Alaïa that there was a small whole in the crotch of my pants (not visible to anyone, thank goodness!) and made a note to get the pants repaired before I wear them next.  I'm sure you see where I am going with this...

After a successful appointment at Alaïa I was hustling to get into the cab to take us to MJ when RIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!  Yup, my pants split!  Not just a little hole, from front to back SPLIT!  The leg of my pant was hanging on by a thread and my little black underwear were on full display!  How I managed to get myself into such a mess is beyond me but there was no time to go home to change!   So, for the entire day, I had to wear my big coat with a fur lined hood!  I looked like a complete nutter, especially since I was overheating all day!  At one point the boss told me to take off my coat because he was overheating just looking at me and I tried to pretend that I was freezing and preferred to keep it on!   Just mortifying!

Luckily I was able to change before we left the hotel for the airport but I am still pretty embarrassed!  I guess it could have been worse... I managed to hide it from my boss!  He would have had choice words for me since he has already commented on my cheese and cookie consumption!  I'm sure he would blame my ripped seams on gluttony!  ha!

I'll write again from Milan!

Bisous xx Ophelia


  1. Ive had the same thing happen! and no,it wasnt from gluttony either

  2. oh no that sounds horrible, yet makes a good blog post so silver lining. You did a good job hiding it though, i think i'd just freak out



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