Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One "Hell" of a Ride

Ophelia! OMG! Well if it makes you feel any better, remember the day some very friendly subway neighbor spilled all their coffee on me on my way to work?!! Luckily no coffee accidents this morning... Yes, a good start to the day! Or so I thought...

The past few weeks have been ubber stressful. My newfound frenemy (my BBerry!) has been vibrating every two seconds, my boss has been pilling loads and loads of work on me, and on top of it all it's only the beginning of the busy season! So little to say, I have recently been facing what so many other of my Manhatannite colleagues suffer from: Stress.

I've cut back from coffee to herbal tea... started chewing gum (a little obsessively!)... and I'm trying the whole breathe in / breathe out exercises... Little to say, added stress is not what I currently want. So, when I got into the elevator this morning, with a quick "breathe in and breathe out", and started my way up to the 35th floor, I attempted my best at staying stress-free........UNTIL....the elevator....packed solid....STOPPED! Yes it suddenly stopped at the 11.5 the floor....

11.5...not quite a floor...not quite, just a short "stop"... Yes, we were officially stuck! My heart started hands started sweating and I could feel my throat started to get a little dry... Shit.
If there's one thing I hate it's being stuck in small/tight spaces, so you can inly imagine my joy at this claustrophobic's version of hell. I started wiggling around trying to free some space around me and quickly reached out to push the alarm...and I could tell my elevator neighbors thought I was weird - luckily no one from my dept was with me!!

Finally this hell of a ride took off again... Ah!! I finally made it up to the 35th and thank god I wore extra strong I needed it!

I'm taking the 35 flights of stairs down tonight........ I hate NY elevators!!!

NO more Stress!!

Flora xoxo

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