Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Blackberry: A gift gone bad...

Ophelia! Tomorrow? Drinks? I'm so's just I've been super busy at work this week! It's been crazy...and you know me..."Geek by week, Freak by week-end!". So yes, tomorrow we meet! Plus, I have to tell you about the so-called "present" I got at work...or so I thought it was a present!

I got back to work on Monday morning bright and early to learn the news every new-hire, entry-level, twenty-something employee wans to hear: You're getting a black berry!

"Yes" I thought! Whohooooooooooo!! It was like a mini promotion! Seriously, I'm super honored that my boss  has deemed it necessary and clearly I do see it as a plus (not everyone at the office has one!). I got my BB...spread my Pin to all mis amigos...and for about 2 days I fell in love with it...

That is until last night at 11.30pm an email comes in from my boss about an event we'll be running in 2 weeks...And the subject read: Urgent!

What the f**k?? What could be urgent at almost midnight on a Wednesday night...I had been streaming season 4 of Madmen on my laptop in bed! But no, this was "Urgent"...and HAD to be attended to...So with that I spent my night going back and forth with her until around 1am...when the issue was finally resolved and I could finally go to bed!

But since last night it has been the same bloody thing...I woke up this morning to more 7am!! And I just went off to lunch, and basically spent my break attached to this silly gadget responding endlessly to emails...

This isn't a friggin Blackberry, it is indeed a friggin Crackberry! I'm going crazy! This is day 4 and I'm already pulling my hair and loosing any feeling in my thumb tips!



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  1. lol good luck with that. i had a similar experience once. just got to let your boss know that you have plans or are going to be sleeping. it's true we don't have any detachment from work anymore! it is horrible!



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