Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Intern in the City

Hey girls! Glad to hear you are back in the swing of things at work, dear Rose!   I am still in vacation mode enjoying my last few days in New York.  I was actually supposed to leave for Paris yesterday, but I decided to extend my stay until the end of the week.  More time to catch up with Flora and my other New York pals!   My trip home has been absolutely awesome!  New Year's Eve was great.  Unfortunately Kate came down with a flu and had to cancel her dinner last minute, but I was able to pull together a small cocktail party chez moi for those without plans.  Lots of champagne and lots of fun!   On Sunday we went to a Raptors/Celtics game which was a lot of fun and on Monday morning we flew to New York.

My time in New York, although short, has been action-packed as well.  Last night I went with my dear friend Ashton Hearley to the premiere of the new Nicolas Cage movie, Season of the Witch.  Now, I am no film critic (I'll leave that up to you, Rose!), but the movie was one of the worst I have ever seen.  Painfully bad.  That said, Ashton and I were completely intrigued by the uber-weird Nicolas Cage (or "The Cage" as Aston calls him!) so we had a swell time!  The after-party was held at a gorgeous church-turned-venue on CPW.  Ashton and I arrived early so we snagged the best table for people watching.  Turns out our table was right next to The Cage's table so as he accepted (fake) compliments on the film, Aston and I munched on delicious canap├ęs and made numerous trips to the open bar and buffet! Most people went to the party for Nicolas Cage, Ashton and I went for the lobster club sandwiches and prosecco!

So what's on the agenda for today?  Flora, you tell me!  When do I get to see you?  It has been ages since we were together in New York, let's do something fab!  Rose, I so so so wish you were here too!

Bisous from the Big Apple,

xx Ophelia 


  1. your holidays sound wonderful. Have fun in the city girls!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Annabel! I hope you had a lovely holiday! x Ophelia



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