Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To School... I mean... Work!

Good afternoon, Ladies!

Day 3 of 2011 and already back to work!  I really hate the fact that both Xmas and New Year were weekend holidays this year...and can you believe that we are already back to work?

Well so far so good.  I'm proud to announce that I've stuck to my resolutions thus far, well for the most part at least!  I'm never good with resolutions.  I always make them unrealistic and I attempt to make myself do things that I know I absolutely hate to do!  For example, I know that I will never successfully join a gym and keep that up, so why do I keep adding it to my list of resolutions?  Oh well, I am motivated and excited for everything that 2011 has in store for this Eternal Intern.

To my surprise, I was even excited to return to work.  It felt much like the first day of school!  I packed my lunch and bag and listened to Ryan Seacrest during my 1 hour commute.  Nothing exciting to report yet on the work front.  Still a happily paid intern :)  Although I am always secretly awaiting a promotion, I am pleased that the enthusiasm I have for my job has only grown stronger with the passing holidays, and I am 100% rested and ready to take on the next few months of my internship.

Good luck with the fresh start to your Parisian job hunt, Ophelia!
Flora, are you back to New York, or did you take an extra few days off with your family before returning to work?


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  1. oh it was so painful to return to work this week!



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