Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Assistant's Work is Never Done!

Hello darling interns!

What a crazy week it has been!  As my family left Paris, my crazy boss returned and thus began a week of mayhem!  Paris was a whirl of editors and fashionistas in town for Fashion Week and my boss (and therefore yours truly!) was right in the thick of it.  If you ask me, he had no real reason to come back to Paris, he just likes to hobnob and take in the odd runway show.  And who could blame him? You should have seen me scrambling to get him last minute seats.  I mastered how to plead (while maintaining my own dignity) with PR girls to squeeze by boss into shows and how to delicately break it to him that X designer was "unable to accommodate him"!  It was a very carefully coordinated dance and I didn't miss a step!  haha!

So you must be wondering how many shows I attended?  Zero!  How many dinners at La Société?  None!  haha!  I am convinced that my boss just likes having an assistant so he can say "I'll have my assistant set it up" or "call my assistant to confirm the appointment."  By the end of the week I realized exactly where I stand:  Who needs a Birkin?  Who needs a iPad?  An Assistant is the must have accessory of the season!   Basically, I am payed to be one step behind him (physically) and one step ahead of him (metaphorically).  Ha! That said, I have no complaints.  He is the true definition of a fashion diva, but luckily he never stays in Paris for more than a week.  I put him in a car to the airport at 6am and now... I'm free!!

Well ladies, it is a gorgeous day in Paris and I am off to enjoy the weather (and my freedom!)

Bisous xx Ophelia

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