Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Case of the Fast Talker

Chicas! It's Sunday morning! Best lazy morning of week! And what a week it was! There's a new addition to the team and let me tell you - she's quite interesting to say the least.
As if we didnt already have enough odd cases at the office now here's a new addition! (I hope noone is speaking of me this way!). She's young, good looking and allegedly went to Princeton...... She's working in the corporate communications office. Great looks, great education, great job. 

The perfect specimen... Yes? That is until you hear her speak.... I dont know if it's nerves or what - but as soon as the girl opens her mouth its like a marathon! She's got a serious case of speed speech - if i can call it that!

So why you may ask does this trouble me? Haha! Well I simply can't even comprehend what she says! We were at a meeting yesterday and my note pad was quasi blank! My boss glared at me...likely because she too was just not following anything!

But the worst was the conference call we had yesterday about an internal event we will be hosting at the end of the wasn't like other meetings when I can simply tune out and not listen. On the contrary - I was directly implicated. She spoke so quickly I had to make her repeat her sentences sometimes 3 times....I felt so bad! But it was crucial for my understanding!!

I've never been confronted with such a fast talker before!! Next meeting I attend with her, I think I'll bring a voice recorder! I'll either have to speed up my neurons or I'll have to slow down her talking once and for all!!

Am I horrible??


Flora xoxo

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