Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Vacationing Intern

Hi Girls,
How are you?  I am on leg three of my East Coast North American tour.  As you know, I was in New York, Montauk, Miami, Connecticut and now... I am in Toronto!   What a whirlwind!  haha!  I am having the best time!   My fun was momentarily cut short by a message from my boss informing me that he is moving to Paris full-time AND he is moving onto my street!  His apartment is literally down the street from mine and I have to pass him to get to the metro, grocery store, my favorite cafĂ© and just about everything else I need to survive!  So, I have two options:  Never leave my apartment again or never leave my apartment again.  I have settled on the latter!  haha!  Luckily, I have another week of vacation before I head back to Paris to face the music.

That said, I have been having the best time.  Ashton and I had a sensational time in Miami!  I absolutely adored all the stunning art deco hotels and, of course, the beach!  I must say, she and I are more Nantucket than Miami, but it didn't stop us from having a blast!  We spent every minute of daylight on the beach but evenings were reserved for dinners at Smith and Wollensky, Joe's Stone Crab and drinks at the Raleigh, the Shore Club and the Delano.

Last weekend, I went to adorable Litchfield, Connecticut for a wine tasting with my sister, her boyfriend and some friends.  We had lunch in Litchfield and then went to check out the Connecticut wine trail (who knew?) before heading back to the City.  En route we stumbled upon an abandoned psychiatric hospital that was straight out of Shutter Island!  Rose, you must shoot a movie there someday!   What a swell way to spend an early spring Sunday!

And now, I am in Toronto where it is gloomy and gray.  My house is sadly empty without little Felix but it is nice to be back.  So do I have an action-packed evening ahead of me?   Nope!  Just a highly-anticipated date with my TiVo!   Missing you both.

Bisous xx Ophelia

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  1. quelle chance ophelia!

    Paris (and I) miss you, and Felix!




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