Sunday, February 20, 2011

In Memoriam

Hello girls,
I hope you are both well.  Rose (or should I call you Wayne Gretzky?), how's the leg?  Flora, don't hibernate, make snow angels instead!

Unfortunately I got some devastating news from home yesterday.  My dog passed away yesterday.  I am just devastated at the loss of my darling Felix.  I am so thankful for nine wonderful years with him but coping with the hole in our lives is much harder than I could have ever imagined.  I miss him so much!  I alternate between crying my eyes out and then laughing at one of a million hilarious memories I have of him over the years.  He had a wonderful life and brought joy into the lives of every single person he met. I am so happy to have known my sweet little Felix!

(Teary) Bisous xx,  Ophelia 

He loved a good walk in the park!  

You couldn't keep him out of the water!  

He was famous for his goofy faces!  


  1. He always looked so happy! and eager! and up for a game! but would run away from the duster that cleans keyboards as he thought it was breathing and after him.
    stay strong, Ophelia.
    Nika B.

  2. He was the definition of love! Always happy!
    He had a great life, even though it was too short.

    We're all here for you O

    Remember the time in the ravine when he just HAD to go into the water haha! I will lunge at a bagel for him!!!



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