Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Intern On The Sofa

Hey ladies,

It looks like we are suffering from traumatic experiences!  Flora, in the elevator and, Ophelia, with your ass hanging out in public, but I am afraid I win with my sob story!

Sorry for being in MIA.  Have I been busy with work? NO!  Have I been busy with love?  NO!  Actually, I have been sitting on my fat ass for the last week!  Why?  Because I broke my f**king leg while ice skating.  I know what you are thinking... who ice skates in LA?   Well I am Canadian, I play Hockey!

Anyway, I have had to take the week off of work and they have had one of the other interns filling in for me.  I just hope he doesn't do a better job than me!  I really need to stop being so competitive.  It unnecessarily stresses me out and I just end up being a b*tch.

Maybe I should just take my injury as a sign to take it easy and relax... I have to kick my feet up anyway... might as well enjoy it!  I just need to pretend that I am not lying down on my sofa in my small apartment in Studio City with a humungous cast around my left leg, but rather on an exotic island just chillin' in a string bikini on my hammock.

Ah well,  I wish you guys were here!



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