Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Hibernation

My dearest Rose, get better soon! My goodness between elevator panic attacks and broken legs: what is happening to The Eternal Interns?!

I've also been quite MIA chicas! I've been busy busy at work, but the main reason for my MIAness is simply that I've been trying to go out more after work..

I know sounds a little weird, but winter months can be tough in Manhattan, especially with all of the snow we've had this year! It's cold, snowy and gray and often the thought of trekking out for a drink after work is not quite as tempting as the thought of going home, getting into some flannels (yes...) and watching some good old tv!

This is what I call winter hibernation (a syndrome I clearly have!): staying home, watching the tube and munching! Hibernation is great for the pocket book - I'm actually SAVING money this winter! But, hibernation is a killer for 2 things:
- my social life
- my weight!

Yes girls, I have officially put on 10 pounds since the start of winter... Ok maybe not 10 pounds, but a fair amount of weight! Enough to have a nice kangaroo belly pouch!!

So, yes I have resorted to extreme measures: going out and more going out: Getting out of my apt!! Since last Wednesday I've actually been trying to go out almost every night... be it a cinema, be it a drink, or a night gym session (arghhhh!!)...I'm just trying to stay out as much as possible! If not I'm scared I'll have to purchase a whole new wardrobe come March!

Luckily the days are getting longer and my hibernation cravings a diminishing...Spring is around the corner ;)

Wish me luck!

Flora xoxo

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