Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Locked Out

Ophelia! Stop it - you're making me insanely jealous!

While you were jet setting away, I was trying to break into my apartment! Ya, that's right, break into my very own studio! Why you may ask....well because of the case of the forgotten keys at work.

What an idiot I was last night - seriously! I got out of work much too late (according to my standards!). I had a late night meeting and finally got a cab home around 10.45pm. I get out of the cab, start walking up the steps and low and behold I realized I had forgotten my jacket at work...yes I know, stupid! But it was surprisingly mild last night and I was in such a rush to get home, that I absentmindedly forgot my jacket that held my home keys.

I was fuming when I realized I was locked out! My family is down south so they can't bail me out. El novio is spending la Semana Santa en Espana. I have no doorman. And, like many New Yorkers I don't know my neighbors! So I was screwed, especially since there was no way I wanted to head back to the office....

So I tried the credit card break in method on my success.
I tried the hairpin break in method in my key success.
I was about to try the kung fu break in method (or more like, break the door method) ... and then I thought to myself I should probably now just suck it up and head back to work.

So I did...I was the only person there at almost midnight. It was dark, quiet...freaky!

My worst nightmare has always been to be locked in a library over night, so you can only imagine my paranoiac fears as I made my way to my desk. I finally got my keys, made a safe escape out in time, and made it home ok!

After such a night, I have to say, I had a pretty wicked sleep!

Flora xoxo

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