Monday, April 25, 2011

Passing Out Pink Slips

How are you?  Flora, I cannot believe you got locked out!  That is my biggest fear!  Rose, what's the latest?  We
haven't heard from you since Coachella!  

I am writing to you from the Porter lounge at the Toronto City Airport.  My flight to New York has been delayed two hours!  This is a bit problematic since I pretty much land in New York, change bags and leave for Paris again.  These thunderstorms are really messing up my travel plans!  I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world to be delayed but my boss, and newest neighbor, is already blowing up my iphone with demands.  I predict that living next to him will be the motivation I need to find a new apartment... in a new city, perhaps?  ha!  

I'm not the only person dealing with a nutty boss.  I had a chat with a friend of mine, S, a legal consultant at a fancy company in London whose boss really takes the cake.  Just last week she was summoned into her boss' office where she was informed that she is "less of a disappointment than expected" and told to give herself a raise!  When she arrived back at her desk to announce the good news on Facebook, she saw an email from her boss instructing her to fire the heads of HR, marketing and accounting as well as several interns!   And get this:  the head of accounting is her best friend and he helped her get the job!  Talk about taking the joy out of a raise!  Isn't that just dreadful?  

Of all the crazy demands I get from my boss (who still insists on calling me and the other assistant by the same name... my name!), at least I haven't had to fire my friend!  Quel nightmare!   

Well my darlings, I am off to check on the status of my flight!  

Bisous xx Ophelia 

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