Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Expecting the Unexpected

O! It seems like you have one nutty boss after another! What is it with bosses today? I also thought I had seen everything a work environment could throw out at you...but girls let me tell you, today tops it all off!

An intern joined the team 2 months ago. She's really sweet, studied Fashion and went to Parsons, grew up in the South...a real Southern Belle. So it was no surprise that - given this real Southern upbringing - she reveal to us, that 3 months before starting the internship she had just gotten married. Typical Southern Belle wedding... beautiful set up (I have to admit I did a little Facebook stalking).

So ya... we've had a "married intern" working here for the past 2 months....a tiny bit funny and startling at first (especially since most of us are still living solo....) but we got used to it....That is, until this morning she made a huge announcement.... an announcement that left me clueless... an announcement that had us all gossiping..

T. is pregnant! Yes....T. is officially 4 months pregnant...

I guess we could have guessed it, since she's begun wearing a little looser shirts and I guess now that I analyze her chest (odd I know...) it had indeed taken a bigger dimension shall we say... But shit man, seriously!! The intern is pregnant!

Now listen to me! I shouldn't say this! I myself have a longstanding intern record and should not be one to judge. It's not because she's an intern that she can't be pregnant but wtf?! Is there such a thing as intern maternity leave? Did she know she was 2 months pregnant prior to taking on this gig? Has she blown her chances of ever being hired on? Does she even care?

So many much whispering...and such a long odd and awkward silence when she announced her happy news.

I felt super bad for her! Definitely not the reaction she was looking for! We just all kinda stood there...not really knowing what to say...and I looked over to my boss...who is (1) single, (2) kidless and (3) I think secretly in denial about wanting a husband and a family....She looked sad...almost was odd....omg soooooo odd!

I'm staring at her now...haha I'm such a stalker! And I still can't believe how our intern is now pregnant!!
I guess - Congrats!?!

Flora xoxo

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