Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Intern Under House Arrest

Greetings dear Interns,
I am back in Paris (SO happy to be back!) and my "neighbor" is at it again!  I used to love meandering the streets of Saint Germain, having un café on the terrace of Relais Odeon or an apéro at La Palette.  Now I have to slink along in the shadows in an attempt to avoid into my boss on weekends!  I even scan the street from my window before I leave the apartment, just to make sure the coast is clear!  The expression "There goes the neighborhood!" has never been more true!  Why oh why did he have to move down the street from me?  My quiet, peaceful little rue parisienne was perfect... until!

I arrived on Thursday morning and as my taxi pulled up to my building the iPhone started ringing!   Yesterday, I was up at 6am so I could get in some Me Time before the beast woke up and the streets were no longer safe!   Despite my efforts, he found me at the grocery store at 11!  I am starting to think he may have bugged my apartment or stuck a GPS tracking chip in my purse!  Today, a lovely Sunday, I woke up to an email and text message assault, the hot water is off in his building!   How, pray tell, does that effect me?  It is Sunday, for goodness sake!

I have considered moving but it is just too hard to find an apartment in Paris these days.  And why should I have to leave?  I was here first! Instead, I am going to march into that office on Monday morning and insist that he NOT call me on the weekends.  Weekdays = Ophelia is a slave,  Weekends = Ophelia is a ghost.  She doesn't exist!

I'm off to explore new neighborhoods, if this keeps up I may actually have to move!   I hear Siberia is gorgeous this time of year....

Bisous xx Ophelia

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