Monday, May 16, 2011

The Dangers of Speaker Phone

OMG Ophelia that is hilarious (and insane!)!

I'm just getting back from my lunch break...I went down to Papillon and took a long break cuz I had an unusually crappy morning. Despite my new cute JCrew flats I splurged on this weekend, and that I was hoping would keep me smiling bright all day...

So the deal is, a colleague of mine walked into my cubicle around 10am and needed some more info on an upcoming project. It's not a project I've been working on, but I knew enough info to help him out - and since everyone else was out of the office I was the only person available to help.

By the end of my explanation I told him it might be helpful if he call another lady who works at the agency we're planning the event with. My theory was, she could complete any gaps in info I had missed out... And so he calls... on speaker phone... she comes on... I stay silent... they chat... she gives him some of the extra info he needed and then she mentions that he should likely check in with my boss (who is conveniently away...) for the most exact details. To that he kindly responds that he's already checked in with me...And that is when my morning coffee turned sour...

"Oh Flora? Ya, she definitely won't be able to help you with this kind of information. She's still new and all...I would really rather you triple check with Sofia. This is a big project, Flora doesn't have the experience to be on such an event. She can dream!" And with that...a chuckle!!

What the f*ck! Seriously! What the flying f*ck! I could tell my colleague J. felt super bad I had heard this...all of this on speaker phone. He immediately hung up and all I could do was stare, gasping, not knowing why the hell this woman had just bad mouthed...and worst of all:!! All that because I'm new?

After being discriminated upon as an intern, am I now being discriminated upon because I'm still a new employee?

I mean, dammit, I've been with the company now just around 9 months! That's as long as a full-term pregnancy!! And yet I'm still considered new? Not enough experience? I can dream she said? WTF!

I've cooled down a bit, but I'm definitely thinking of calling her back...what do you think? Should I let this one pass? I feel ridiculous sitting in this silly cubicle...humiliated in front of J.!


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  1. Wow! What a b*tch!
    I would call her and explain that you were sitting next to the phone and heard every word. Kindly and confidently tell her that you do, in fact, have dreams and high ambitions and would love to hear her advice on how you might improve your performance so that you can reach those goals since she seems to think you are not performing to par. Before you call, prepare yourself to be open to criticism and even lies she may fabricate to get out of her own f*ck up. At least you will address the situation, establish your own direction and directness, and hopefully teach her to watch her mouth.

    I personally know how things like that can sting, but don't let it get you down! She is only one person, and you have already proven that you are more professional and mature. I love this blog because it reminds me that I am not the only person going through these types of struggles! Keep it up!!



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