Monday, May 9, 2011

The Coffee Faux Pas

Hello dear girls!
Rose, what cool news!  I cannot wait to see the finished product!  Premieres in LA, New York and Paris?  Spring has sprung here in Paris.  It has been so warm and lovely!  That said, living so close to my boss continues to be an absolute nightmare!  We literally spend every minute together.  We travel to and from work and then spend the entire day together.  I am in the most demanding and time-consuming relationship of my life.  I think it may be time to break up!

The funniest thing happened the other day at work.  My boss decided to hire an accountant and I was to be in the office to meet with him on his first day.  Well, as soon as he arrived I began explaining how the boss likes things done, etc and he cuts me off mid-sentence.  He actually put his hand in my face and said "Let me stop you right there...  Before I can work I'll need an espresso, no sugar."  I actually laughed out loud.  It was just so funny... Straight out of an episode of Mad Men!  Before I could say anything, my boss called so I stepped away to update him.  Through my laughter I told him what had just happened, I thought he would find it funny too!  Apparently not!  He asked me to put the accountant on the phone and HE FIRED HIM!  He fired the man within the first 10 minutes of him being in the office!  That MUST be a record!

Needless to say it was extremely awkward when "welcome to the company" speech ended by showing him to the door...

Oh la la!  The drama never ends around here!

Bisous xx Ophelia


  1. We could also call this episode the "The Coffee, faut pas!" haha.

  2. Oh nooo!! haha But really, in the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner, HOW RUDE. He had it coming. At least you handled it gracefully and with a sense of humour :) keep up the good tales ladies. You continuously inspire this eternal intern.

  3. @Anonymous: Haha so true! xx O.

    @Amanda: I am always impressed when people quote Miss Tanner! She was a great thinker of her time after all! haha! Thanks for the message! xx O.



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