Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Foggy Headed Friday

Hola Girls! How was your weekend? O, how are things? Feeling better?

I had a fabulous weekend in the city, despite the rain! It's just been raining so much in NY lately, it's insane! Hopefully it will stop in time for Memorial Day Weekend! One of the highlights of the weekend was actually a party I went to on Friday night at a friend of el novio's. This guys lives in this insane penthouse on Central Park South...I got lost it was so big! 

I met many people, but got along super well with M. who is this super chill communications exec at a well known American fashion brand. Our chat started out formally/work related but quickly became amicable... And as with all college parties (or in this case MBA gigs) soon the liquor was flowing, a keg bizzarelly appeared in the splendidly decorated kitchen and we were all quite...well...drunk...

We went home way too late...clearly after one too many drinks...and woke up to a pounding headache on Saturday...and....el novio casually teasing me about how M is a good friend of Sofia' BOSS!!

What??!! I couldn't believe it! All night long, she forgot to mention that she knew my boss!! We got drunk together and she knowwws my boss?? I was soooooo scared she may mention something to Sofia over the how talented I am at beer pong...or how much I talk after one too many ciders...ahhhh I felt horrible! 

Luckily though Monday has come and gone and no word or awkwardness from Sofia...nothing! Fieuf! I'm hoping M will keep her lips sealed....actually now that I think of it, how happy would she be if I went around telling industry people about her inebriated escapades ;) hmmmm

Ok to work!



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