Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Voice

Hola! OMG can I take a second and just vent?

I just spent 2 hours in a meeting and was not able to say a word! Every time I would try to speak up, my boss kept cutting me off.
I was sitting there, leaning in a bit and opening my mouth every time I was on the point of making a point, and within a millisecond, there she would take the words right from under my breath and beat me to it!
Girls, you can't imagine how silly and small I felt...especially since many of the things she was saying I had mentioned to her right before the meeting!

Why this sudden change from her? Usually she is so open to hearing me out and letting others hear me out. I haven't done anything...I simply don't understand.

There was literally 15 of us around the table, speaking about an event I'm basically spearheading...and friggin every time I wanted to speak it basically only ended up as me gasping because Sofia got the fastest words in each time. Everyone noticed...but it made me look dumb! And the worst of it all, is that at one point I decided to simply speak despite the fact she had beat me to try and make a point...but she just kept speaking...and obviously I had to shut up... Major embarrassment...

Ahhhhh what is the reason for this frustrating harnessing and silencing of my voice...?

It's soooo frustrating, I feel like I'm back at step 1 of the newly-emplyed ladder... Even once you land the fabulous job, the impressive career, that full-time position, you still have to climb may steps before making it anywhere near the top...let alone the middle ;)

Ok gonna chill out now and try to speak to someone...and see if they listen to me!
I'll let you know if ever I find out what all this ruckus was about.... I'm still in shock.

Flora xoxo

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  1. People love to steal other's ideas. Next time take your idea/comments/conerns and email it to her and others who should know as a memo. This way everyone knows who it came from, and you won't look or feel dumb. She should be ashamed!



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