Friday, June 10, 2011

The Drunken Intern

Hello dear girls,
The intern from hell is at it again!  Last night, my boss took us all out for a "Good work, team!" dinner to Les Ombres on the Quai Branly.  It was a gorgeous night of champagne, foie gras, langoustines until... 

Melanie, my little monster of an intern got a little too carried away!  And by "carried away" I mean belligerent!  I really do wonder if she is trying to get fired!  My boss found it entertaining in the beginning but luckily for her he left before the real mayhem began.  Here's what went down... We arrived at 8pm and Melanie knocked back her aperitif before most of us had even taken a sip of ours!  When we moved on to champagne she lapped us again!  And then the wine arrived and she mixed red, white and rosé, anything within reach!  I have never seen anything like it.  At around 11:30 my boss decided to call it a night but insisted we stay and have a digestif or more champage.  As tired as I was, I felt obligated to make sure that Melanie didn't buy drinks for the house on the boss' card and that she didn't get hit by a taxi stumbling out of the restaurant!  Oh how I wish I had left!  At midnight on the dot, Melanie decided it was time to lead the remaining diners in a rousing medley of Edith Piaf songs.  The only problem:  No one else felt like singing!  Halfway through "Padam, Padam!" the manager asked me to kindly remove the "musically-challenged, Mademoiselle" from the premises!  Oh la la, la honte

My boss is a regular customer at Les Ombres so I am sure word will get back to him that his employee was making a scene... I just hope they specify that it was the intern and not moi!  

Bisous xx Ophelia

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  1. haha amazing! send her straight to rue princesse!

    dusty shoes??



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