Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Painting The Day Away

Ok so as I am writing you girls, I am starring over at the cubicle across from mine, currently occupied by a PR intern…

I am in utter awe at what she is doing: painting her nails!

Yes, you heard me right…H. has apparently taken a break from filling her news clippings and has decided to polish her nails instead…Un-friggin-believable!

It’s actually the singular and pungent smell of her OPI ruby red polish that attracted my attention…and then the colour…Oh my! Come on, you’re at work!

I’m actually stunned….I would have never had the gusts to “take a break” and “chill” when I was an intern…let alone take a break and paint my nails! In front of everyone!

When I was an intern, my sole focus was on hiding any type of semi-break or quick Facebook check….to ensure my bosses and those around me had the upmost opinion of me!

What the hell!!

Although you know what, this reminds me, I should head for a manicure soon…my nails need it!

Ok back to work!


Flora xoxo

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