Monday, June 20, 2011

NY Summer Heat!

Hola! How are you girls?

Rose, how is the heat over there in L.A.? NY is roasting!

Last year I survived with simply a fan…but this summer I have decided to change things up and not suffer…oh no…no more grueling nights up until 4 am trying to battle the NYC humid, hot and sticky summer heat!

I had literally tried everything in the book last summer…and again up to last week…

Home Depot purchased turbo fan – only inches away from bed: fail…and radically noisy.
Frozen water bottles placed under pillow and at feet: fail…almost caught hypothermia and got my toes stuck on the overly frozen bottle…ouch.
Cold showers to cool off at midnight…and 2 am…and 2:30am…and 3am…: fail…but I’ve never had so many showers in such a short period of time!

So this weekend I decided to invest…invest in a real air conditioner!

El novio helped me pick it out and then install it…and let me tell you, that was a feat in itself…

The thing almost fell out my window last night as we were putting it in…a lawsuit waiting to happen… Luckily, it didn’t fall. It also however, unluckily, didn’t work…

Yes, after all that pondering on purchasing one…research to find the best one on consumers’ reports and work getting the friggin machine home and affixed….the air conditioner doesn’t even work!

And get this: it will be another week before I can get a working one!!

Ahhhhh a week more of heat?? Luckily rain is in the forecast ;)

Flora xoxo

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