Monday, September 2, 2013

New Dog, Same Old Tricks

Dearest Flora and Rose,

You would think a girl would know by now to never neglect her girlfriends for a boy.  She is almost certain to be left sans boy begging her friends to forgive her.  I am de nouveau single and asking, no begging, you to forgive me for disappearing.  It turns out Hot Kevin hasn't changed, he is still the selfish asshole he was when we were young.  I was blissfully ignorant for months thinking a new dog can learn new tricks.  Turns out, a dog is a dog.  Last week, Kevin came to Paris to visit and dropped the bomb of all bombs: he's moving to Australia!  He claims it is related to his job but we both know it is because his ex-girlfriend is there and clearly they are hoping to make a go of it down under!  He invited me to accompany him on the big move this month (not move with him but help him lug his shit halfway around the world!) but I graciously declined the empty invitation.  Ophelia of the past would have booked herself a one-way, first class ticket and said "anything for you, darling!" just to see the horror on his face.  But alas, I am older and wiser and will not badger a man into dating me.  To the left, to the left!  

That is not to say I don't miss him terribly.  And I'm embarrassed that I blah blah blah'd about someone we knew to be a big dumb brute back in the day.  Just because he wears expensive shoes and can mimic normal behavior does not a gentleman make.  I was a fool.  And now, I'm a sad little fool.  To make matters worse, Paris is now depressing the hell out of me and I just want to get away!  Anyone up for a trip to Australia?  Kidding!   But I really do need to get away, so I booked my very first solo trip!  I'm off to Maine for a week, leaving on Saturday!  I've never gone anywhere by myself so I thought I'd start small (not all of us can run off to the Outback like Flora!)!  I once read this book about a girl who loses her job and moves to Maine to date a handsome, wholesome nature-loving boy and lives happily ever after.  Maybe that'll happen to me!  All I know is that I need to sit in my sweet little rented house (not far from Acadia) with no distractions and clear my head.

I'm off to pack... leaving room for some LL Bean loot, of course!

Bisous xx

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  1. Maine is a wonderful escape destination. Take it from someone who has had an ongoing love affair with the state. All the best Ophelia.



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