Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Out With The Old and In With The New!

Hello my darlings,

I have to start by saying I miss you tremendously!  I arrived in NYC last night, I am here for the next month (!!) working on the launch of a new project (very hush hush at the moment!).  Flora, maybe I'll finally get to see you!  Rose, any chance you can come to New York in the next few weeks?

I've got some news on the boy front:  I stopped seeing that Irish journalist a few weeks ago.  At first I found him funny and interesting but after a few weeks I saw him for what he really is:  annoying!  You know when someone just gets under your skin and everything they say or do makes your blood boil?  That's him!  He had the most appalling table manners (and we know how I feel about good manners!) and conversations with him were terribly one-sided (another No-No in my book!) so I was glad to see him go. 

And I couldn't be rid of him sooner... Out with the old and in with the new, as they say!  I'm all about "Hot Kevin" these days.  We went out when I was last in New York and had the BEST time.  He took me for drinks at Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle!  I mentioned in passing that I had always wanted to go and the darling remembered!  And Flora, you'll love this,  he opens doors and pulls out chairs.  He even stood up when I got up to use the ladies' room!  A true gentleman!

Les filles, Spring is in the air (sort of!) and I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, something could blossom between me and Hot Kevin!  Rose, please tell me you don't have history with HK!  I can't take another angry email from you!

All my love!

Bisous xx

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