Monday, October 28, 2013

A New York Ball with Prince Charming

It's funny, no matter how old we get our parents still reserve the right to boss us around.  Three weeks ago, Nate got a call from his mother insisting that he go to New York to support his "favorite" (read: youngest and most annoying) cousin in her latest venture:  charity ball committee member, the "career" of choice for bored New York women with excessively large engagement rings.  I can just hear the conversation:  "Nathaniel, you WILL go to New York, you WILL wear a tuxedo and you WILL be nice to Stella."!  I was thrilled (but not surprised) when his next call was to yours truly asking for help/company.  I was horrified however when I realized that I know Cousin Stella from back in my Junior League days.  She is a real piece of work.

Somehow Nate and I managed to pull together a whirlwind trip to NYC so as not to upset Mrs. Pinkett. We arrived early Saturday from our respective cities and hit the ground running:  a new tuxedo for monsieur and a dress for mademoiselle, his & her's hair cuts, an early dinner with my parents (!!!) and then we danced the night away at the Ball... jet lag and all!  It was all very Cinderella (minus the rags, fairy godmother, mice, etc!)!  By the stroke of 8PM the next night we were back on a plane en route to Paris and a train heading south to DC respectively.  But it really was wonderful, a night out of a Disney movie!  We managed to avoid Stella all night and Prince Charming could not have looked more handsome in his tuxedo.  I'm still swooning over the photos!

After all the frogs I've kissed, I think I deserve a Prince!

Bisous xx

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