Tuesday, October 15, 2013


And now for a moment of enlightenment....

Since moving to London from La La Land, I have had to adjust to many things.  The constant rain, British self-deprecating humor, giving up on a healthy liver etc… but nothing has been more difficult for me to acclimatize to than the unique culture of signing off with a kiss.  The politics involved in the kiss signature culture is multi-layered and a skill to master.

Here are the 5 basic rules of the EMAIL KISS ETIQUETTE:

1) Don’t be cheap! The never-ending debate of should you or shouldn’t you kiss on a first date translates directly to email kiss etiquette.  Never kiss on a first encounter!

2) Learn to LOVE a lot! Brits are amazing for their loving demeanors.  ‘Oh Darling’ ‘Hello, my love’ ‘Thanks, love’ are all part of everyday greetings.  Therefore, it is no surprise that all regular correspondence should end with at least one kiss.

3) Thank you by another name.  Depending on the favor in question, a simple ‘Thanks’ no longer suffices.  An average favor requires: ‘Thanks x’ at the very least.  The number of kisses is directly correlated to the relative size of the favor.  I have received on more than one occasion: ‘Thanks so much! Xxxxx’. What can I say?  I'm a generous gal!

4) Equality for all!  Don’t be deterred by who is at the other end of the correspondence.  Male and Female are equal in the world of Kiss Etiquette, so kiss away!

5) Consistency is necessary.  The best way to use a kiss in your signature is to simply add it to your name and stick to it!  For example, I had to chose between the following: ‘Rose x’ ‘xx Rose’ Rx’ ‘ xxx Rose’ etc...  After much internal debate, I opted for:


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