Monday, December 7, 2009

Let Them Eat (Red Velvet) Cake!

Oh Flora... You know I cannot resist a chance to rant about the hipster look!  And the "camera accessory"?  Brilliant!  I most definitely do not subscribe to this school of dress and I have a major problem with my boyfriend wearing jeans smaller than my own!  A true crime against fashion in my eyes! Oh well, to each his own!  I'll stick to what I love most:  Chanel.  In fact, I think Mademoiselle would turn in her grave if she saw what was considered "fashionable" aujourd'hui!  PS.  I am still working on The Gospel According to Coco Chanel.  Book report to follow.

So lovely to hear that you both had such amazing weekends!  My time with the Blazer's was absolutely perfect!  D. and M. are working on a fascinating film that i cannot wait to see, and we were given a sneak peak at the trailer.  All in all, I ate, drank champagne and lounged around.  It was sublime!

Now that I am back in Paris and reconnected to my wifi, I must get to work on planning my perfect job interview outfit (not that I have a job interview, but I can't back down from Flora's challenge!).  It will have to wait until tomorrow however, because (believe it or not) I just baked a red velvet cake and it needs to be frosted!  I have a fabulous little birthday dinner to attend tomorrow (for a super chic Korean girl I know from school) and as I am now an expert on all things southern, I am in charge of the dessert!  I'll have lots to report when I get home tomorrow.  My friend J. and her boyfriend are such a lovely couple (the boyfriend and I stayed with them in Switzerland this summer!) and we always have such a great time!  She is also a fabulous cook, so I am going with moleskine in hand to take notes.

Off to frost!  Big kisses from Paris,

xoxo O.

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