Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Age Old Truth Redux

Hi girls, 
I hope Sunday is treating you well in Los Angeles and New York!  Rose, how was your drive?  Flora, I'll gladly join you in many of the fabulous "wheres" you listed!  

Last night, I accompanied the boyfriend to a work function hosted by the company's president.  We arrived at the beautiful Chalet des Iles in Boulogne around 7pm just in time for a few cocktails and a chance for me to meet some of his colleagues.  They were all very lovely, but the inevitable "And what do you do, Ophelia?" questions came up before I had even finished my first kir royale!  As we mingled, I began to dread the words "je vous présente ma copine, Ophelia" because I knew that like clockwork the dreaded question would arise. I tried to explain that last week I finished a fabulous internship at an even more fabulous fashion magazine, but all they seemed to hear was that I am unemployed and à la recherche of a new job.  Flora has touched on the judgement we face as "senior" interns, but I definitely experienced it first-hand hier soir.  

I can't complain though... It was a gorgeous night of drinks, dinner and dancing at the most beautiful venue.  Over kir royales and canapés I chatted with the lovely wives and other copines of the boyfriend's coworkers and I even met a fabulous Eternal Intern named Katherine who was half way through an internship at Publicis!   Dinner was an absolute delight:  Salade de mache au Chevre frais avec une vinaigrette parfumée a la truffe, followed by filet de boeuf bearnaise et pommes Dauphine.  And for dessert:  A mouthwatering tartelette à la creme et pralines roses!  Trop bon!  

My favorite part of the evening however, began when dinner ended. There is nothing more amazing and entertaining then watching otherwise reserved businessmen as they cut loose and get down on the dance floor!  What started as an elegant affair ended with YMCA, Celebrate and other wedding classics. The boyfriend and I even won a Waltz dance off (I was convinced to participate after one too many glasses of Sancerre!) taking home matching ipods!  

What a night girls, what a night!  

Bisous x x x Ophelia 

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