Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year's Feast

Rose, I am also totally in relax mode right now…in actual fact I am getting some Japanese delivered! A cozy NY soiree in is exactly what I want…It’s so cold back in NY!

With 2010 among us, the cold weather nibbling at my toes and a new adventure to embark upon on Monday, I am hoping for a quiet evening at home tonight in front of the fireplace…

Visions of my NYE are also flotting in my head…I am missing the warm Floridian sun, sand and sea!

NYE was indeed relatively peaceful - but peacefully amazingly fun! A lobster boil at the Beach House! Yes, you heard me right a fabulous lobster feast right on the beach

It’s a tradition that goes back decades, and a tradition I have never missed…Each year we mound up a fire pit on the beach, get an abundance of delectable lobsters, invite a few lucky friends from down the beach…and with the torches blazing, the music playing, stories being told and laughing roaring, we celebrate the arrival of a new year!

It was a brilliant soiree…atop a brillant white sand beach, under a sky of abundant stars and on the shore of the magnificence of the Carribean Sea…

Now I am back in the Big Apple cold…in front of another fire pit (or fireplace) and soon to dine on another type of seafood (or sushi)…2009 is now behind us (as is the warmth of Islamorada!) and 2010 is starting with a bang (and an ab-fab internship to start on Monday!).

Oh girls, the bell is ringing, must be dinner! I’ll talk to you later!


Flora xoxo

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