Monday, March 15, 2010

What Would Jackie Do?

Hello mes cheries,
I am reading a great book called What Would Jackie Do? that explains how the fabulous Jackie Kennedy would have handled situations facing women today.  Witty and informative, the book has already helped me get back into the habit of doing things that I was neglecting while suffering the winter blues.  It's the little things like sending notes and making dates with the positive people in my life while definitively cutting out the "life diminishing" elements of my address book. 

My favorite chapter thus far has been on how not to be an Interchangeable Woman (an IW).  What is an IW?  I'm sure you know plenty... 

An Interchangeable Woman is neither memorable nor original.  She talks a lot and may have an MBA - yet manages to say precious little.  Her gym membership is active, and it shows, but her sense of self is altogether weak.  She is quick to please,  slow to question, and often overstays her welcome.  She uses the word "me" too much, and hasn't a clue that others find her redundent.  This shall not be you. 

The IW is all too common in the fashion industry.  She is a deceptive creature because she is pretty, well-dressed and well-educated, and yet she brings absolutely nothing to the table.  Some people may be fooled by her faux charm, but in a world overpopulated by Interchangeable Women, we can only hope that eventually they will be exposed for what they are.  Sure, from an Eternal Intern point of view it seems like these girls are being promoted while we're being overlooked, but in the long run, the captivating and mesmorizing woman breezes past the IW.  In the mean time, it is wiser to focus on not being an Interchangeable Woman,

The Rules According to Jackie: 
1. Be riveted, not just riveting
2. Strut on an invisible red carpet
3. Remember people's names!
4. Pump up the small talk
5. Celebrate selectively (IWs are fixtures at trendy clubs and bars.  Avoid IW hangouts!)

Bisous x x x Ophelia

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