Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Intern at a Fork in the Road

Chères girls,
Rose, I am so glad you are enjoying your internship and the deliciousness of In and Out burgers.  The downside to living in Paris (and on the East Coast!) is the lack of In and Out burgers in my life.  I am truly jealous!  Flora, how are you fairing at work?  Still an Eternal Intern in the minds of your coworkers?  Consider it a blessing in disguise, you are a young ingénue à la Audrey Hepburn and your coworkers don't know what to make of you!

As for me, my sweets, I am not sure what to make of my current situation.  For the time being, I am taking in the gorgeous fall weather and enjoying Paris to the max, but I must say, it is getting old fast!  I have a few exciting ventures on the horizon:  London next weekend (for 5 days!) and then Fashion Week working in the showroom for a fab English designer (with my even more fabulous friend R!), but after that, who knows what the future holds for this Eternal Intern.

Last weekend, I had brunch with the chicer than chic R and we started talking about the fashion industry.  R has one of the most incredible CVs I have ever seen, holds an MBA from a prestigious  university and has worked in some of the world's largest and most respected fashion houses and yet, even her current position is getting her down.  It got me thinking about how I would fare when I finally get myself out there.  If a girl with this much experience is struggling with her own Devil Wears Prada situation, how will I rise above it?  I left brunch inspired by her resourcefulness and connections in the business (in the first half hour of brunch a few quick blasts from her Blackberry had put me in touch with countless fashion contacts!), but fearful for my future.

And so here I am again with another internship under my belt and still no closer to figuring it all out.  "It" being my life, of course!  Where do I go from here?   I am hoping that London and Fashion Week will provide me with some answers... if not, I am officially screwed!  haha!

Love and bisous, 

xx Ophelia

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  1. you are an absolute sweetheart!! :) xxxxxxxxxxxx



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