Saturday, September 18, 2010

Internship Bliss

Good evening beautiful ladies!

I have been feeling a bit down lately from money troubles (long story short: I don't have any of it), but today my luck has turned.  Today I love my job.  Today I love my internship!

Why?  What is about my job that has me dancing in the streets?

Meeting the people and being in the places that I have literally dreamed of as a child.  One of my favorite directors came into the office yesterday and I got to serve him coffee!  Laugh if you will, but I can seriously say that I can cross a big one off my bucket list.  He is my idol and inspiration.  I have watched every single one of his films with commentary, and his work ethic and knowledge blows my mind!

This is why, I would like to take this moment to thank the economy for making me an Eternal Intern.  My internships have allowed me to experience things that I would have been deprived of had I been chained to a desk for the last few years.

Naturally, I needed to celebrate yesterday and I couldn't think of  better way than with an In N Out Burger!  Animal style of course!   The perfect end to the perfect day in the sweet town of Hollywood.

xxx Rose

p.s.  Flora, how was NYC during fashion week?

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  1. Since most internships are unpaid, how does a person support herself while interning?



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