Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Un Mariage Par Excellence

Hello dear girls,
I just received a batch of photos from M's wedding and I couldn't wait any longer to tell you all about the incredible wedding weekend!  It was a magical 5-day event full of love, laughter and of course, pink champagne!  And to think M planned it all on her own without a wedding planner.  The entire long-weekend went off without a hitch!

Day One:
What do you get when you mix a yacht, 8 bridesmaids and 8 English groomsmen?  Adventures on the high seas!  The bride-to-be picked me up at the airport and we set sail soon after!  Nothing brings strangers together like an afternoon on a yacht!  Throw in a whale sighting and a mixed CD of old favorites and you get a bridal party that left shore as strangers docked as good friends!  From there dinner at a seaside restaurant and a night of drunken karaoke (Yours truly did not sing!).  It was the perfect day!

Day Two:
I must admit, wedding rehearsals can be draining but they are even more difficult with an excruciating hangover!  We all arrived at the gorgeous venue looking worse for wear as we tried to take in all the pertinent wedding day details.  It went a little something like this... Groomsmen:  Make sure your bridesmaid doesn't fall down the stairs (Oh so reassuring!).  Bridesmaids:  Bouquets in your right hands and don't fall.  After the formalities it was off to a Sea Cider Farm for a cider tasting and the most delicious dinner.  Let me tell you, there are few greater things in the world than watching the sunset behind snowcapped mountains!  Magnifique!

Day Three:
Manicures and Pedicures for the ladies and a day of fishing for the gentlemen.  We (the bridesmaids) then checked into our bridal suite at the Laurel Point Inn and spent the rest of the day tanning and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip on our incredible terrace.  In the evening, the parents of the bride hosted an out-of-towners dinner at their beautiful Victoria home before the bride- and groom-to-be were whisked off by their respective friends for one last night of single living!  I'm not sure what the guys go up to (do we even want to know?), but for us it was a night of Sex and the City and champagne!

Wedding Day:
8:00:  A morning pre-wedding jog for the bride followed by a breakfast of fresh fruit and mimosas, evidemment!!
10:00: The hair and makeup team arrive and pink champagne is served!
2:00:  All dressed in gorgeous Jenny Yu dresses, the bridesmaids were ushered into the waiting car to take us to the venue.
3:00:  The bride is dressed in her stunning Monique Lhuillier gown and ready to go.
3:30:  Girls are paired up with their groomsman and the music starts.
4:00:  The bride and her husband exchange vows as we, her closest friends, choke back tears.  I have never seen a happier or more beautiful bride!
5:00:  Champagne and bridal party photos.  We posed among the lush rose bushes and on the rocky beach.  The setting was breathtaking!
6:30:  Dinner is served.  I was too nervous for my impending speech to eat the delicious BC salmon that was caught by the groom himself!
7:30: After a glass of champagne I took the mic.  My speech went perfectly!  It is not hard to say nice things about someone I love so much!
8:30:  The dancing begins!   We took brief pauses for cake, cigars and scotch (fireside, overlooking the ocean!).  The bride and groom retired at 1 but the party continued until 4!

Day Five:
Out-of-towners brunch at the Victoria Golf Club hosted by the grandfather of the bride.  Most of the guests only stay a few hours which left the wedding party, tired (and hungover!) yet happy to discuss the events of the weekend and say our goodbyes as we all prepared to leave later that night.  Its funny how in only 4 days strangers become dear friends and it is almost impossible to say goodbye.  It felt a bit like the end of an amazing summer at camp!

I cannot think of a better way to end my summer than to watch one of my oldest and dearest friends marry the man she loves so much.   Congratulations to M and her husband, the London Chef!

And in case you were wondering, no... I didn't catch the bouquet!

Bisous xxx Ophelia

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