Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Spiritual Intern

Salut les filles! I am back from my wedding travels!  I have so much to tell you about my trip but there is one story I have been dying to share with you for weeks!  As you know, I was in New York for a few days before heading to Victoria, Canada for M's gorgeous wedding!  When I wasn't catching up with Flora, Ashton and the rest of my New York crew, I had a lovely dinner with a one-time Eternal Intern turned assistant buyer for a well-known department store.  Sheena and I interned together way back when (ah it feels like only yesterday I was living in New York!) and we have been friends ever since.  After our internship, she stayed in New York bouncing from internship to internship always hoping to find that perfect fashion job.  Luckily, I was always able to keep track of what she was up to since she is a fixture at every chic fashion event!  If there is a great party, S will be there on the arm of a fabulous gay stylist or sexy photographer!  She's a real star!

Anyway, S and I met for dinner at Eleven Madison Park to catch up and reminisce on how far we have come.  I was, of course, interested in finding out how she found her job as a buyer as I always saw her as a Rachel Zoe-esque celebrity stylist.  Well, what Sheena had to say was actually super interesting.  After a few failed jobs here and there she decided to take a different approach to her job hunt.  Every day for 2 months, she woke up at 8am and went to morning mass at her local church.  There, she prayed for work!  She was a little embarrassed to tell me the story, but I assured her that I found it most fascinating.  I mean, girls in our position do just about anything to find a job, but she is the first person I know who decided to ask a higher power for help in her search!  I was always fascinated by S before, but I was even more impressed by her unique and more spiritual approach to her career.  It really got me thinking....

I am a bit of a fatalist when it comes to my life and I believe that whatever is going to happen will happen and that everything works out in the end.  Not to get into the deep and complex topic of religion, but couldn't it be true that at some point no matter how many resumes you send or interviews you attend, the job you're supposed to have (like a soulmate) is out there somewhere just waiting to find you.  Why is that in every other aspect of our life we are fine placing a higher power in the driver's seat, but when it comes to our jobs "que sera sera" just doesn't apply?

Well, it worked for Sheena.  She is now happily employed and even if her job wasn't a gift from above she is most definitely thanking God that she has it!   That said, I am off to find a wishing well and a bucket full of pennies.... perhaps my luck will change!

More on Victoria and the wedding to follow...

Bisous xxx Ophelia


  1. Very interesting food for thought! Bisous, Paris in Pink

  2. here's what my Brighton (sic) clairvoient (sic how does spell check work any way) told me
    say thrice in a row at least once daily"I am protected, I am supported, I have abundance" I say it at night in hopes of sweet dreams



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