Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Intern in London

Hello my lovely interns,

I am recently back from a lovely trip to London and as you know, it is Fashion Week in Paris. More on that later, but first, let's talk London.  Now, you both know how much I HATE London.  The weather, the food, blah!  It has never appealed to me and I normally cringe at the thought of visiting.  This time however, I experienced the exact opposite!  I had the best time!  In my defense, in the past I have had some of the most miserable and unlucky experiences in London, so it is no wonder I was a bit apprehensive about a six-day visit.  I really didn't expect to make it back in one piece, let alone as a London convert anxious for her next visit!  So what happened to make me change my mind?  Here's the rundown!

Day 1:
Shopping at Portobello market where I picked up a GORGEOUS clutch for next to nothing! Shopping was followed by Prosecco and Marks & Spencer nibbles with Cleo and her sister Flossie and our friend Sharon before heading off to meet a group of girls I call the Parisiennes.  The Parisiennes are a handful of English girls I have met over the years in Paris.  These London It girls were in Paris to take courses at the Sorbonne, do internships in art and fashion or to take cooking classes at the Cordon Bleu.  All the Parisiennes have since returned to London so you can imagine how incredible it was to catch up over bottle after bottle of pink champagne!   We met at the oh so charming Gordon's, London's oldest wine bar, which we all agreed had a very Parisian feel to it!  Fitting, given my company! Loads of love to CM, FM, EE, SF, SG, JC, AZ, AC, IM and CdM for making the night so memorable!

Day 2:
No trip to the UK is complete without a hefty dose of shopping.  Naturally Topshop was at the top of my list, but I also spent a great deal of time lusting over the gorgeousness that is Liberty.  After a day of shopping, we were off to dinner at Tiny Robot, a precious little restaurant on Westbourne Grove.  I dined with a lovely couple that I had befriended in Paris over 5 years ago.  I wasn't kidding when I say everyone I know seems to have moved to London!

Day 3:
Tea at the Covent Garden Market and Smythson in Mayfair.  What could be more perfect?   I also popped into Fortnum & Mason to grab a jar of Marmalade to take back to Paris!  Monday evening we were off to the theatre.  Cleo's father had a play opening in the West End and we were lucky enough to tag along to the opening!  The play was amazing... as was the champagne reception afterwards!

Day 4:
To the boyfriend's dismay, Tuesday was filled with even more shopping.  This time around Kensington High Street.  I started to feel a bit guilty for dragging him around, so in the afternoon we took in some of the more traditional London sights... Westminster, London Bridge and the Tate.  In the evening, our hostess and her family took us to one of the most amazing dinners I have ever had in my life!  We got all dolled up and feasted at The Wolsely.  Not only was the restaurant itself too gorgeous for words, the food was to die for!   I even sampled my very first Welsh Rarebit... and it did not disappoint!

Day 5:
My father arrived from New York in the morning but went straight into meetings and the boyfriend headed back to Paris in the early afternoon.  This left me with an afternoon to myself to roam around.  Naturally, the Grace Kelly exhibit at the Victoria and Albert, was at the top of my list!  On my walk back to my dad's hotel Mayfair, I took a spin around Harrods (to stock up on tea!) and Harvey Nichols followed by a brief stroll through Hyde Park before making my way back to the Hotel.  My dad and I went for a lovely dinner and then called it an early night!

Day 6:
Liberty (again!), Topshop (again!) and then lunch at the Covent Garden Hotel with my father.  We stayed at the Covent Garden Hotel during previous trips to London, but I had forgotten just how gorgeous that hotel actually is!  I mean, really really beautiful!  My dad had to rush back to an afternoon meeting so I meandered around Covent Garden before heading back to Mayfair to pack my bags.  A few hours later I was on the Eurostar (with more M & S snacks for the trip!) and for the first time in my life, I was sad to leave!

I got back to Paris just in time to throw myself into the madness of fashion week.  More on that when it is over!  For now, back to work!  Believe it or not, I am working for a London-based designer this week!  Is this fate telling me to move to London?  haha!  Don't worry, Paris is still the love of my life!

Bisous xx Ophelia


  1. mooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee :):):):):)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (the cold meds ARE better!! Wasn't feeling great this morning but am ALREADY feeling better!!. And they don't shrug when they lose your suitcases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Love that you now love my hometown or home city...Things like this make me want to stay here. Lovely! S x

  3. Well played!

    Lovely weekend


  4. I know I'm 4 months late but I love that you love London. I am a Londoner living in Birmingham at the moment and I truly adore London, it has so much to offer, for everyone!



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