Friday, October 22, 2010

No More Miss Nice Intern!

Hello my dear girls,
I hope you are both well.  I apologize for not writing sooner, but I haven't been feeling very well this week.  Luckily, I am better now and just in time for a weekend getaway to the Champagne region of France.  We leave tonight!  I'll report back on Sunday!

In other news, I have decided that I am going to do a "friend purge" today.  There are people in my life who really shouldn't be and I don't see the point in keeping toxic friends around.  What brought this on?  It has been brewing for a while but frankly I am just sick of doing things for people and getting nothing in return.  I am so sick of the "Some friends and I are planning a trip to Paris, can we stay at your place?  There will be a few of us so it's probably best that you go away that weekend." Or the late night phone calls from people (who live in Paris) saying they are lost and asking me to order them a cab to their location.  Are you kidding me?!  These people take take take but if you ever call asking a favor, good luck!  They are never around.  Well I am over it.  No more Miss Nice Intern.  One-sided friendships... done!  Those who take but don't give... gone!

Here's the thing, I don't mind helping friends out.  I rarely say no to a friend in need, but as I sit here, unemployed and trying to get my foot in the door, it is extremely frustrating that so few will return the favor.  Could it be that when it comes to my job search, I am too nice and as a result unemployable? How many times have I corrected a "friend's" resume and then inadvertently handed her a job that could have been mine?  So, I plan on instituting a new policy (for acquaintances, friends still get the normal Nice Ophelia treatment!), if you ask me a favor, it is going to cost you!  There comes a point when an Intern has to watch her back and if I'm not getting back what I put out there, then forget it!

I'm off to channel my inner Mean Girl and purge my Facebook profile!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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  1. Interesting you mention it... here is an article from NYT

    Love ya

    xxx ROse



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