Monday, October 25, 2010

Girls will be girls...

Oh Ophelia! How I feel your pain! It's funny, ever since I've had my own apartment in NY, I've gained a whole new group of friends I never new I had...haha! And they all want the same thing from my friendship: a place to stay in NY ;) Good luck!

As for me girls, I'm happy to report things have been calmer at work. With Fashion Week (Month!) behind us, I'm definitely finding the time to adapt in the (still new) workplace. Lunches have actually been the greatest gain from this quieter work period. I've been going down to our cafeteria with a few colleagues, and instead of just eating in front of our desks we've been taking time to eat, chat and the inevitable... Gossip! It's insane. Work is just like school! You'd think people would mature as they get older... but clearly not!

Last Thursday was the biggest shocker...One of my colleagues literally spent 45 minutes going on about this girl that she just can't stand in the office. She started out calmly and in a relatively reserved manner...but quickly unleashed her real emotions! It was insane.  She called her the nastiest names, totally dissed her work, the way she dresses... everything!!

Since the girl seems to me to be "normal," my natural reaction was: Well, what has this girl done to you?

Her answer? Well she didn't really have an answer. The girl hasn't directly done anything to her she just can't stand her...

How unjustified? How unfair? How silly and petty? But let me tell...How REAL in a 98% feminine-filled-fashion office space...

Ahhhh what have I gotten myself into!!!

Flora xoxo


  1. So glad to have found a blog about my personal hell/sometimes heaven.. unpaid NYC fashion internships. Following. :)

  2. Thanks Annabelle!
    We def know what you're talking about!!
    Flora xoxo



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