Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trailers and Movies and Scripts, OH MY!

Flora, how I long for the office gossip.  I would even go so far as to say I miss it!

Now you guys know that generally I have always felt that these are dark times for cinema and entertainment, but 2010 has proved me wrong.  Mostly, I hate studio films which are so formulaic, and in this age of ‘remakes’ they seem to throw money at the screen and hope for the best when in reality they are really bastardizing childhood favorites and cult classics.  Naturally, I have felt that there have been a handful of winners each year that manage to bring the magic of visual story telling to the big screen, BUT the other thousands of releases are, to put it mildly, dreadful!   This year, I am feeling so differently with regards to the cinematic output and it seems that every day I am watching a new trailer, new release or reading a new script that blows my mind. 

127 Hours- James Franco is a national hero and I can’t wait to see him at the Academy Awards. 

Tron- Have you seen the new trailer with Daft Punk?  If you ladies haven’t seen the original Tron, go out and rent it immediately and then come and join me for a 3D Imax experience in Hollywood! It is going to be an nothing short of magical.

Harry Potter 7-Part 1- HP has defined our decade and as we get ready to take part in such an anticipated finale, I feel like I am taking part in movie history.  So Epic! I think that the next decade will belong to James Cameron who just announced his next couple of movies are to be AVATAR 2 an 3!  I almost choked on my food when I heard the news.

Four Lions- This was absolutely outrageous, but laugh out loud funny!  It is fresh and deserves all the buzz that it has generated!

Well, back to the job search.  No news.  The hunt continues….

xxx Rose

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