Friday, January 14, 2011

Get it While It's Hot!

Hello girls!
I hope you had a nice week!   I had a great week filled with job applications... and bread!  Yes, bread!  When a young lady is unemployed she finds herself with a lot of free time on her hands!  Don't ask me why - perhaps it was the delicious smell coming from Gerard Mulot on Monday morning - but I set my mind on baking my own fresh bread.  Well, it was a huge success!  I have made bread every day this week!  That said, I wouldn't mind making a pay check instead of baguettes!  Or maybe I can use my new talent to apply to the local boulangerie.  No?  Maybe not. haha!

And now the weekend is upon us and I am hoping to hear back from one of the many applications I sent out this week.  Unfortunately, they are all spontaneous applications (ie not replying to an ad) so the odds are stacked against me.   To take my mind off my unemployment, le boyfriend decided to take me along on his business trip this weekend.  He has meetings in Le Havre on Monday, but after my riding lesson tomorrow we are heading back to Honfleur!   Yes, I know I have been to Normandie numerous times in the past 6 months, but I love it so much!  And Honfleur is so gorgeous!   As I stated in my New Years Resolutions, I vow to take more photos, so the camera is charged and ready to go!  Can't wait!

Hopefully upon my return on Monday afternoon I will have fabulous news in my inbox!  I like to think that if I had a job I would continue baking bread but who am I kidding?  That's what the baker is for!

Bisous from the bread capital of the world!  xx Ophelia


  1. As much as I want you to find the one, that fresh bread is hard to pass up!



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