Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Intern Crosses the Line

Hey chicas!

Sorry for being a little MIA, I've been under the gun with work...and my new leash, that is my Blackberry has been ringing day in and day out! Finally today, I was able to put it aside for an hour of peace an quiet at lunch. I've had enough... literally enough! This silly gadget has become a nightmare. I properly went out for lunch this aft, actually with 2 colleagues, 1 of whom is an intern and is soon finished interning here...

Lunch was good and relaxing and as always we got into major office gossip talk! My colleague R. always has good gossip...she's been here for a long time and knows EVERYTHING on EVERYONE! I try to stay out of all the office politics, but was this ever amusing to listen to... That is, until A., the intern got into it... She was clearly enjoying the gossip too, a little too much!

And then and there she started letting all kinds of info out about her boss... I mean A TON! How she hates how he dresses, who he emails, who he speaks to, what he does on weekends...The info she knew about him (and gave out about him) was staggering (impressive!). Almost stalkerish! Had she hacked into his Facebook account? This was entertaining but clearly a little too much...she'd crossed the line between fun and rude. And she crossed it even further when she blurted out his opinion on our colleague who was sitting there!! Yes, yes the audacity this girl has!! I wont go into how he feels about R., but let me tell you it's not all ab fab! And it was super embarassing!

Can you imagine this?? Listen, I've been an intern a long time and now I'm a full-time employee and in either position I know you just DON'T talk trash that way! You can't! There's a line, and she overstepped it...very much so! Even R's gossip was mild in comparison, and never would R. have taken a jab at A.!

I'm no Devil Wears Prada, but let me tell you, from now I will be watching what I say in her presence...This is one intern gone on a gossip rampage!

Flora xoxo

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