Monday, January 10, 2011

Eternal Intern Movie Awards

Well done with the motivation, O!  I have everything crossed for you.

Work has been really great, but uneventful in the New Year.  I've become quite accustomed and content with the constant angst of trying to impress and just waiting for my day to shine.

Anyway, I have way too many movies to see this month before the Oscar noms come out to be bothered with the lack of excitement at work.  I'm so jealous of my friends that get academy screeners sent to their offices and so they have all the movies that I need to see at their disposal at any time, although technically (and quite frankly, legally!) they are not meant to be touching those DVDs.

This EI's budget could really use screeners right about now!  Maybe we should set up the Eternal Intern international movie awards and demand screeners of the movies as well!  What a glorious world that would be! Flora, our in house communication guru, you should get going on the press release... 'Announcing the first ever Eternal Intern International Movie Awards'.  I think it has a ring to it...



Side Note- Is it just me or is it everyone's flippin' birthday in January?! I have my direct boss, her boss, a couple of good friends, a few not so good friends, etc... I pretty much have at least 3 birthday events per week for the next three weeks!  How will my liver cope?

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