Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Intern and the Ex-Intern

Hello girls,
Rose, keep your head up!  It will all pay off in the end.  And who needs a boyfriend when you have a local bakery?  ha!   Flora, quelle coincidence that you are always within earshot of good gossip!  You're a gossip vault!

As for moi, I have great news, I got a job!!  Remember last week when I applied to companies randomly before I went away for the weekend hoping for a reply by monday?  Well, I got a call on Saturday and by Sunday I was employed!  What a wonderful weekend!  I had the best time in Honfleur but how funny to leave Paris without a job and to return with one!  I am the Paris-based assistant to a well-known Vice President of a VERY well-known department store.  And en plus, I get to travel for work!  Tis a dream!  I start tomorrow (my first meeting at my favorite Parisian cafe, a good sign, non?) so I will keep you posted!

My celebration was short-lived when I got a call from a dear friend still struggling to find a job/internship.  The guy has a degree from a super prestigious university, is completely bilingual and has work experience in France and the US and still he cannot find a job.  Sound familiar?  To make matters worse, when I got the call saying I was hired, he got a call asking if he was still interested in an unpaid internship he had applied for.  Obviously, he took this to be a good sign until the woman informed him that he will hear from them in two days for an interview IF he had been shortlisted.  If?!  So let's recap:  He expresses interest in the position by applying and accepts that he will not be payed.  He then has to reconfirm his interest in an unpaid position and may not even be shortlisted!  Enough is enough!  Stop making interns jump through hoops!  I am livid for him (obviously!).  Even more depressing, this terrible article landed in my lap the other day!  As if interns (and ex-interns) need to know that selling our souls as unpaid interns is the only way to go!

I am being dramatic, but still, cut interns some slack already!

Ok girls, I am going to step off this soapbox and go about my business!  haha!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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