Monday, March 7, 2011

A Colourful Confusion

I can't wait to see you O.! It's been grim and cold in the city, it's gonna be amazing seeing you again!

I actually forgot to tell you chicas, but last week I went on my first ever business trip: to Miami! It was awesome...nice to get away from the NY winter cold, amazing to throw on my Calypso sandals on and even better to fall asleep in the insanely comfortable Soho House beds!! 

All was brilliant...but of course, as always, there's gotta be a glitch no? Well the 1st 2 days were glitch free. My boss and I roamed all throughout Miami with back to back meetings from one end of the Beach to Brickell and back to another end of the Beach again. It was tough but fun...I felt like a complete and utter business woman, polished from head to toe, blackberry in hand and of course. 2 days, 15 meetings, 4 events booked. Awesome feeling! 

On Friday, we were finishing up the trip with a small event we were running for the magazine at the Delano. Everything was going super smoothly, everything was perfect. That is until a guest of the party comes over to me and hands me their glass...Not a full empty glass!

I guess my black on black outfit for some insane reason made the colourful people of Miami Beach assume I was wait-staff!  As soon as the gentleman handed me his glass, 10 more bombarded me like a flock of flamingos! That was it, my luck had had it! I was an honorary waitress Friday night! And NO tips I may add.... That's what you get when things just go too too well! And clearly that's what happens on your first business trip as a friggin full-time employee!

Luckily the next morning I was on the 1st flight out back for cold NY...NY...where black on black is actually a fashion statement!

Flora xoxo

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