Friday, March 4, 2011

Public Intern # 1

Hello les filles!
I am so sorry for disappearing yet again, it has been a busy few weeks!  My family has been here (my dad was working on a project for almost a month and my sister came to hang out!) and I was actually working two jobs.  Yes, I went from no jobs to two!  I was doing a bit of pre-fashion week work for my nutter of a boss and my dad got me a job working with him!  What a juggling act that was!  Luckily, I was able to take a long weekend to visit the Blazers in the Southwest of France and then spent an amazing week with ma petite soeur enjoying Paris!

One night chez the Blazers, we decided to watch Bonnie and Clyde and since then I have become completely obsessed with Faye Dunaway's style!  I just spent the week visiting all the sights of la Capitale decked out in a beige beret!  The reference was not lost on those arriving for Fashion Week!  ha!   My sister and I managed to take over 500 photos each during her two week visit.  I forget just how fun it is to see Paris as a tourist.  Not that there was trouble in Paradise, but my love of this city has been reaffirmed!

I must say, despite the loss of my sweet little Felix, it has been a lovely month.  So great having the fam around for so long!  My sister is packing now for her flight back to New York and it is dawning on me just how bored I am going to be tomorrow!   I do have something very exciting to look forward to...  another business trip!  This time I am off to New York!  Get ready Flora, I'm heading your way!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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