Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To Laugh or Not To Laugh

Hey ladies,

Haven't heard from you guys in a while... hoping that it is not all work and no play in your lives'. 

I absolutely hate Mondays, but today was particularly painful! I had stayed up late to watch the Academy Awards at a friend's house and I had a few too many glasses of wine... no surprise there!  The biggest surprise of the evening for me was David Fincher not winning Best Director.  Everything else was pretty dull and predictable, unfortunately. 

So why was my Monday so painful?  Not because I was slightly hungover, but because of a mini crisis:  Do you guys laugh at your bosses' jokes even when they are terribly inappropriate and incredibly NOT funny? 

Today I found myself having to make that decision.  My boss made a crude, but mostly awkward sex joke that made me want to just turn around and ignore her!  Most people did just that, but most people do not have to work under her!  So I did what any eager eternal intern would do... let out a nervous laugh and turned tomato red.  Then all of the attention was on me for 1) the awkward sound of my laughter 2) turning bright red and 3) for being such a kiss-ass ! 

What was I supposed to do?  What would you have done?

Time to pass out and forget about today!



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