Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Intern's Guide to Networking

Hello lovelies!
Flora, you are absolutely right, hearing about such catastrophic loss really does put our "problems" into perspective.  I feel bad dwelling on my minor personal problems when hearing about others losing homes, loved ones, everything!  I'm even more horrified to hear that someone could talk over a news report about the devastation to talk about herself!  Some people!  I suppose the best one can do is to take advantage of every minute and realize just how lucky we are.

There is no smooth way to transition from such a serious topic to the completely insignificant tale I wanted to tell you this morning.   It is a chilly and rainy morning in Paris and I don't really feel like doing too much today but my friend texted to invite me out this evening and I cannot say no because she is a Queen... the Queen of Networking!  I have never seen anyone (net)work it like her!  L has mastered the art of meeting interesting people and parlaying it into yet another fabulous meeting!  I have no idea how she does it.  And the best part?  I am often called on to be her date!  Her weekly social schedule is full of cocktails, galas, fundraisers, for every cause under the sun.  Honestly, it is so fascinating to go out with her because she always ends up chatting with someone!

And so tonight your friend Ophelia will pull herself together for the opening of a chic St Germain boutique.  I'd say I'm already too lazy to get dressed and go out but who are we kidding?  I could use a lesson or two in making potential work connections.  I have a bad habit of only talking to people I know at soirĂ©es, but tonight, I'm transforming into... The Networking Intern!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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  1. who are you kidding? you're no dud yourself!




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