Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

Hi Girls,

Oh my god - can I vent a second?

So, work has been going brilliantly...everyone is awesome...I've totally gotten used to my BlackBerry (and especially the off button at night!)...even my boss has just been so nice lately.

But no story can ever be perfect can it? Well, clearly no! It turns out I have an enemy at work! Yes, someone who's out there ready to pin me down! The reality is (and this is true) I've never done anything to this person. I've never screwed this person over, or criticized this person, or anything! It turns out this enemy is someone who sits 2 cubicles away from me; she's been with the company 11 years; she's clearly in a very "comfortable" position and she has NO desire for some young, ambitious, 20-something, driven new employee to come impede on her guessed it: me!

In my defense, I really haven't done anything to M, other than be super responsible, follow-up on everything that needs following-up on and yes... perhaps impede a bit on her work territory...but that's because she herself never does anything right, or 100%. She's been her so long that she doesn't really care, she super comfy in her no-stress position and is not ready to add any pepper to it. So seeing me arrive has clearly flustered her big time. Especially since my boss is now handing me over a bunch of responsibilities that used to be Ms...and...the worst boss regularly makes me the intermediary between her and M...I'm the friggin middleman!

This situation has gotten so out of control, that M. has now gone to my boss and expressed her insane discontent. And she's putting the blame on me (of course in the most hypocritical of ways ... this is NY...and this is an office with 99% female occupation remember). Luckily my boss actually came to ME to rant on M and explained how petty she found her arguments and her sass story...

But still, a super sour atmosphere has now floated over our cubicles...I can't help but be hypocritical myself around M. and put a fake smile on...Knowing someone genuinely doesn't appreciate me, however, is a total bust...She clearly dislikes me...and honestly I'm having trouble finding a way to appreciate her...

Ah la la...trouble in paradise!

Flora xoxo

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