Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect?

Like everyone else, watching all the footage from Japan was devastating.  Having lived there for a year, I felt like a little piece of my own history was in ruins.  Definitely puts a few things into perspective.

Flora, don't let the haters bring you down!  This person sounds like bad news... just keep your distance.

Work is work.  Grinding through life as an eternal intern is never easy, but I do learn something new everyday... well probably every week ;)  This week I was introduced to Hollywood phone demeanor! It's not rocket science or anything, but many assistants would probably disagree!

It all starts with memorizing a few lines:  "____ 's Office" to which someone will undoubtedly explain who they are and that they want to speak to your boss.  To that you respond "Let me see if I can get him"  or "I don't have him right now, can he return?"  You then record the call on a master phone sheet and is updated after each call.

The funny part is when you get someone who is not completely familiar with the routine.  It is then that you realize how absolutely ridiculous you must sound.  " I don't have him?"  "Can he return?"

Such a trivial task, but if you don't get it right you are ridiculed for poor phone manners.  For some reason, one of the most employable skills in Hollywood is to be able to handle busy phones.  What people refer to as "rolling calls" is vital.  If you don't have experience with that on your CV you might as well not even apply!

No wonder I have been having so much trouble!

xxx Rose

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