Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The "It" Intern

Hello darling interns,
I apologize for my absence,  I have been super busy!   As I promised myself last week, I packed my schedule with meetings and gatherings in an attempt to jump-start my career (haha!).  So far so I good, I suppose!  I am not sure if anything will come of my "career advancing meetings" but at least I am getting out of the apartment and chatting with interesting people!   I feel so popular when I see all the engagements in my Smythson planner!  haha!

My most enjoyable meeting to date was an utterly fabulous lunch date with Norton (a dear friend of the Blazers) and his friend Ivan (who happens to work at a top-notch fashion magazine!).  Norton is a New York expat who, tired of the non-stop demands of the city, embraced his inner Parisien and made the move (sound familiar?)!   He is the ultimate date because he always has brilliant suggestions for all of life's little problems - in my case, my perpetual lack of a job!

We met at a delightful brasserie in the 7e arrondissement and over escargots, steak frites and a 2008 Sancerre, we discussed potential career contacts and traded tasty tidbits of fashion gossip!  Ivan confirmed just how small the global fashion community is when he told a story of a fashion tyrant who, it turns out, was once my former boss!  Le monde est petit, as they say!

On the agenda this week:  An apĂ©ro with a former colleague recently hired at ELLE (Lucky girl!), coffee with a friend of a friend who just moved to Paris and a dinner chez moi with a swell couple I have know for years... and I'm cooking!

In other news, I am off to New York in one week!  Get ready America, Ophelia is back for an entire month!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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  1. Ophelia, I think you're the only girl in the world organizing your job search in a smythson planner! must be doing something right!

    bon courage ma belle




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